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Scout Canning

North America's most trusted seafood brand that sources 100% from North American waterways and farms. You can get behind these chef curated cans and know you will experience the best in conserva culture.

Why we Love it

“This is my baby, the project i have been working on since 2014. Canned seafood has become a huge passion of mine and creating scout from the ground up has been a wild experience to say the least. Sharing tinned sustainable fish with the world is my legacy project.”

Renegade Harvest

If you are looking to eat authentic Canadian ingredients and help support our local growers, Chef Colin Moise has created a portal to all of these delicious options. From Wild foraged mushroom sausages, to local Canadian turkey peameal. Look no further. This talented chef has tapped into the roots of our culinary culture, just for you.

Why we Love it

“The chef behind this project, Colin Moise, is so full of heart and kidness as well as exceptional talent that you cannot wait to get more of his hand foraged and crafted proudcts into your pantry. Wildly delicious!"

Tuck Shop

All of Tuck Shops bacon is produced in house by Chef Jake Taylor. He dry cures it for seven days then air-drys for a minimum of 24 hours before. It gets apple-wood smoked and thick sliced to perfection.

Why we Love it

“Chef jake taylor knows many things and one things he truly knows is how to cure, smoke and slice the best bacon i have ever had. Its lightly sweet, light salted and the smoke is just right. Even the thickness of the cut makes the bacon stand out in a crowd. Be prepared to have the best bit you have ever had.”

Chefs Vault

This crew has curated a very beautifully crafted list of culinary delights to be ordered directly to your door. From Wild Canadian lobster tails to the most ethically sourced Grade A Canadian beef, this vault is full to the brim with delicious offerings.

Why we Love it

“This tag team has been providing restaurants with well sourced and exceptionally high end ingredients for quite some time and now! You can have it all delivered straight to your door. From wild msc certified lobster to pasture raised organic beef, you will not be disappointed.”

Not 9 to 5

Not 9 to 5 is a non-profit organization empowering hospitality, food and beverage service workers by mobilizing education and support for mental health and substance use. Not 9 to 5 promotes harm reduction practices and helps to connect the hospitality workforce to mental wellness resources. We love real talk but loathe judgement and stigma.

Why we Love it

Not 9 to 5 was created and developed by the industry for the industry to shift the workplace culture and increase psychological safety in kitchens, bars, restaurants and beyond. Psychological safety simply means that people feel comfortable and safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other without any fear of negative consequences. For too long workers have been told to "check their emotions at the door" and this intolerance of vulnerability has created an environment of suppression. In addition, our industry has easy access to substances and normalizes high levels of consumption which are often adopted as coping mechanisms.