An Exclusive Good Time

Private dining events with an East Coast twist!

Vibrant Flavors, Charming Personalities, Relaxing Atmosphere.


Get Shuck’d with Charlotte and Steven

Charlotte and Steven bring the most pristine oysters from the east coast with fresh and unique condiments as well as a whole lot of laughs. Served best when paired together. Safe, Inclusive, and really shuck in fun.

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Fireside Hospitality

We bring the experience of outdoor live fire cooking to you. Over a variety of fire pits, nestled among coals, or bound to an iron cross, you will be introduced to eating in the fresh air at its finest with Chef Charlotte Langley.

Invite an intimate group of friends or family to share in live fire cooking with curated menus that are made just for you. Stay cozy by the fire with small warm bites and beverages and move onto a meal create dentirely over a fire.

Inspired by the seasons and the wild ingredients of Canada. We come to you, and build a variety of woodfired pits that have a mix of live fire culinary and beverage applications.


Product Development Consultation

Take a deep dive with Chef Charlotte into CPG brand and product development. Hot off of the success of Scout Canning and bursting with insights on how to navigate the modern world of emerging brands, Charlottes collaborative consultation will guide you through product development to commercialization and unlock networking opportunities to grow your brand

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“My love language is cooking for and with you.”