Air Dry your trout fillet in the fridge skin side facing upwards for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure you get a nice and crispy skin when taking it to the pan. Don't be afraid of a higher heat when frying and use a neutral oil like canola or sunflower.

Cook Time:
30 Minutes
Herbed Trout with Creme Fraiche and Spring Veggies

The dish celebrates all things spring and early summer and is also so versatile to really, whatever you have in your fridge or what's starting to show up in your garden. 


6 portions of Lake Trout approximately 5oz each or the size of your palm

2 cups of Asparagus chopped into bite sized pieces

1 cup Sugar Snap Peas with the thin green membrane removed

1 cup Fiddleheads, rinsed thoroughly

Handful of Leafy Herbs

1/2 cup Creme Fraiche or full fat Sour Cream

Juice and zest of one Lemon

Salt to taste

Neutral cooking oil


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 Degrees F
  2. Thoroughly wash all of your vegetables and portion to bite sized pieces
  3. Wash and dry your herbs
  4. In your small bowl, add your Creme Fraiche, Zest and Juice of lemon and all of your leafy herbs roughly chopped. Season with salt and set aside in the fridge until ready to serve.
  5. Preheat your frying pan to medium high and season both the skin side and flesh side of the trout.
  6. Sear skin side down for approximately 3-5 minutes or until the skin starts to become crispy.
  7. Line your cookie sheet with parchment and place trout fillet skin side facing up! On the sheet tray. Save the pan for your veggies and keep on low heat.
  8. Let rest on the side until you are ready to blanch your veggies ( you will finish these in the oven, as they cook very quickly and we don’t want to overcook them.
  9. In your small pot, fill with water and season generously with salt.
  10. Once it has come to a boil, Start with your fiddleheads and cook until tender, approximately 3 minutes. Remove and add to your frying pan.
  11. Add your asparagus and peas to the pot and blanch for approx 1 minute.
  12. Add to your frying pan and toss gently until shiny from the heat. Season and set aside
  13. Finish your trout in the oven for approximately 3 minutes. I like mine to have a thin layer of medium rare in the middle.
  14. Gather your plates or platter of choice, lay out all of your beautifully al dente vegetables, top with the roasted trout skin side up and dollop generously with herbed creme fraiche. Add extra herbs and lemon if you so desire.